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Posted by MRPR on May 7, 2023 2:15:00 PM

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Internships offer young professionals an opportunity to see what business is like outside of the classroom. Today's interns expect inclusion and real-world exposure to daily activities. They're there to do more than just take meeting notes and fetch coffee --they're there to learn. That's why we designed our internship program to closely mimic an entry-level accountant position with our firm, including exposure to all aspects of accounting and client services.

We want our interns to leave our program feeling fully prepared for their next step - whether it's joining us permanently or moving on to explore options with other firms.

"We are committed to providing a top-notch educational experience when you join our team. We invest in time, training, and continuous performance feedback to keep our interns continuously learning and striving towards success. We understand and value your need for real-life experience, and we are here to provide it and support you." -Amy Rohlman, HR Director

But don't just take it from us! We sat down with a few of our recent interns to discuss their experience. Here's what they had to say...


MRPR Intern Q&A Session


What has surprised you most about MRPR?

Rissler, Anna




Anna Rissler, Intern during tax season 2023 and summer 2023

The biggest surprise after working at MRPR was how fun the office is. You wouldn't think an office full of accountants would be so amusing. There were times when people would bring in funky foods to try, or make jokes in the office, but it was a good environment.  


Jacobsen, Angelina




Angelina Jacobsen, Intern during tax season 2023, summer and fall of 2023

How often I don't have to pack a lunch!  


Meyerink, Josh




Josh Meyerink, Interned during tax season 2023 

The amount of clients the firm had. I figured the client list was long, but when I first saw it I was in awe of how many clients two offices could have. 


Snyder, Presley




Presley Snyder, Interned during tax season 2023, summer and fall 2023, & tax season 2024

The thing that most surprised me about MRPR was that the internship was just not busy work, but rather learning hands-on business/personal tax returns. I am surprised about the amount I was able to learn in just a short time span. 


Woods, Lexie




Lexie Woods, Interned during tax season 2022, 2023, summer and fall 2023, and joining full time in 2024

How helpful everyone was. Even though you're an intern, everyone makes you feel included and wants you to excel.  


Describe the kind of company you were looking for for your internship and how MRPR met your requirements:

Anna: I was looking for a smaller firm with good people who love and know what they are doing. MRPR was just that with overall good attitudes. The people know how to help you, or are able to direct you to resources or someone who can help you. The team was helpful and encouraging overall. 

Josh: A smaller firm where I could see every level more clearly and watch the process the whole way through.    

Angelina: I was looking for something on the smaller side and local where I wouldn't be specialized. I expect to do taxes this season -- but in general, I'm interested in learning how to help a client with the full cycle of accounting as opposed to one schedule of a specific tax return.     


What were your first impressions of MRPR (both online and in person)?

Anna: At first, MRPR seemed to be a smaller firm with busy people. While I'd still say that is true, the expectation of clientele exceeded my initial thoughts. There are many clients with specific needs, and everyone is there to help and provide resources for those who need it. 

Angelina: The people were down to earth. I really like Sara and Amy and felt that they had really warm personalities. 

Josh: Very kind people eager to give hep and explain things thoroughly. Also, very knowledgeable.  


What advice would you give someone looking for an accounting internship at MRPR ?

Angelina: No one expects you to know everything. You aren't expected to know what you're doing after training -- things are too complex. Training will give you rough exposure, and then it's up to you to ask questions as they come up. Unique situations come up that may even stump your manager -- so don't sweat it! Just do your best and don't waste too much time trying to figure out something you don't know. Just ask. 

Josh: Go for it! It is a great experience that will teach you a lot. 

Anna: For others looking at an internship with MRPR, I would suggest getting to know as many staff members as you can. The work is more diverse, and it increases the resources you have in the office, and virtually. 

Lexie: Advice I would give someone looking at an accounting internship with MRPR is to do it and go in ready to learn. As an intern, you'll gain so much exposure to different tasks in the accounting field.   


Provide three adjectives to describe the work environment at MRPR:

Angelina: Bright, loud, and laid-back. 

Josh: Encouraging, supportive, and fun.

Anna: The work environment at MRPR was fun, driven, and collaborative.

Presley: Friendly, collaborative, and flexible.    


In your first few weeks, what stood out to you about the people who worked there?

Angelina: How laid back everyone is here. Zach stood out to me because he is extremely helpful and always asks if I or the other interns need anything even though he isn't assigned as my/our buddy. 

Josh: Everyone was very nice and seemed to like each other. Basketball and the lunches really gives interns the opportunity to get to know everyone. 

Anna: After starting at MRPR, I realized how helpful the staff was. Everyone from the other interns, to staff accountants, to principals were there to help, and did. 

Presley: What stood out to me most was that everyone was always willing to answer questions; there was always someone to go to in the office or on teams if you didn't know how to something or needed clarification. 


What would you tell your friends and family about working at MRPR?

Angelina: It's a friendly laid-back environment with nice people. Accountants here are exposed to the full cycle of accounting and get a broader picture with their clients. 

Josh: I enjoyed my time learning the basics of tax and getting to know a group of real accountants. 

Anna: I would say to others that MRPR is a fun place to work that also strives for excellence in their tax documents and client needs. MRPR works collaboratively with their clients and other accountants in the office to make sure everything that is needed gets done. 

What are your goals for your internship with MRPR and were you able to achieve them?

Angelina: My number one goal was to learn how to do business returns, so I'd say no for that one. My other goal was to find a place where I felt comfortable -- that I achieved which was more important. I also wanted to get comfortable with Axcess since that seems to be the most widely used tax software in the industry. I'm glad that we were given the autonomy to work on returns and take our experience into our own hands. 

Josh: I wanted to learn the basics of tax and the tax process. Through the internship, I can confidently say I will be filing my own taxes next year! 

Anna: My main goals of starting an internship was to gain experience and knowledge in accounting. MRPR definitely helped me achieve these goals. I was able to work on real client forms and learn while I did it. 

Lexie: My main goals during my internship at MRPR were to learn as much as possible and get exposure to many types of tax returns. I was able to achieve both goals. I learned a lot during and prepared numerous returns throughout the busy season.  


Find The Right Accounting Internship For You

An internship with the right firm can be a great launching pad for your career and help set your expectations about what it's really like to be an accountant. We recommend that you do your homework and find a firm that is a good fit for your own personal core values and beliefs about work, life, and giving back.

"When choosing the right internship, think about who you are and look for a firm in which you can see yourself at more long-term. Their values, people, and goals should compliment who you are and what you are looking for in a career." - Amy Rohlman

If you'd like to apply for our internship program, get in touch with Amy. You can also visit our Careers page to learn more about what's it's like to work for us. Good luck!


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